Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Hi mum and dad,
It's been amazing in Egypt last night I went to the Egyptian museum I saw so many  different things like traditional clothing and amazing jewellery but that wasn't nothing compared to the valley of kings I saw so much last night but the best part was going to Giza and seeing great sphinx of Giza and that was amazing and when I was standing right in front the sphinx I found an amazing little necklace sitting in the sand. Then I stayed in Giza for the night and in the morning I went to the great pyramid of Giza and tripped and fell in the Nile river. Then I left Giza and went to the Abu Symbol temple it was okay so then I went to an ancient Egyptian restaurant called pyramid bay they had the most amazing food and lovely decorations. Well my plane is leaving in a few hours and I'll call you back when I land in India. P.S I've got a few presents for you.

From Lorin

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