Monday, 11 August 2014

Moa awards

Dear Mr. Sefton,
Music Video,
For the Moa Awards we would like to do the music video. The music video would be really fun for people who love dancing, wrapping and singing because would give them a chance to do those things. We know that most boys like rapping and girls like dancing & singing. We're really good at making up dance moves because Lorin has been dancing for 5 years and Jaunte has been dancing for 5 years as we'll. so it would be fun for everyone. The people that don't like dancing, rapping and singing can watch and maybe even film. So it would be good for people who like to film to. It would also give other people a chance to do what they love for once. The song will be Katy Perry dark horse    Because it's got a lots of wrapping in it also Jaunte has a book with the words in it so she could photo copy that. We could dress up like Egyptian because in the video they did and Lorin has lots of dress up Egyptian clothes for the girls. Plus the boys can were skinny jeans and a plane top. We are going to film on the junior court. The people in the  video will be Lorin, Jaunte, Brody and Pharrell and Caleb. The back-up dancers are Lexus and Miriama. This is going to be a comedy music video. The props are two mi

From Jaunte, Lorin. 

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