Monday, 27 October 2014

Screen printing.

     Even though it was meant to be a normal Monday, something interesting happened. Mr. Sefton said " we're going to be doing screen printing ". First I didn't understand what he meant then I remembered that last term we did screen printing. This is going to be fun.

     Since we were doing screen printing we were focusing on a kiwi artist named Sheyne Tuffery. So for inspiration we watched a video that Sheyne made called Car Paopao, there was amazing texture and patterns in his art. It made me feel really happy.

     Next it was finally our turn. So Mr. Sefton told us to cut shapes or patterns out of a large piece of paper that Mr. Sefton handed out. I decided to do a square with lines coming out, then I cut the shapes out but it ripped so I cut out another one and got a book out.

      Finally I got called up to do my screen printing. I went to get my paper for the back but the only colour that was left was orange and I got really annoyed but I have to go with it. Then I put the paper under the screen and put the template over the top and put the screen over top and then I sweep the squeegee over top after I had put my paint that I had chosen on and it came out in a big pile.

       When this happened the paint went all over my shirt !!! Then I get really annoyed and try and wipe it off. Next I pulled the screen over. Then I ripped the stencil off feeling rather glad. My paper had a bit of a smudge but I could probably fix it.

       Next I had to scratch patterns in the paint but I poke a hole in it and I feel really nervous so I paint over it and carry on. Then the next day I do the same and then it is done and it looks good.

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