Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lorin's Post on Wednesday, 21 October 2015

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Dear Hugh Brown, I read your story Dressing Up the Outdoors. The story was different and I was wondering what other works of arts did Jeanne-Claude and Christo do and what was their inspiration to create such complex designs? I enjoyed the story. It was interesting to see what they had done but I think you should have added more of Jeanne and Christo's perspective of their art. I have another question to ask how did they get the money to buy all the fabric for their multiple designs? I think the Reichstag buildings in Berlin looked amazing but it left me wondering how did they they get the fabric up? I think the story was something that showed what sort of people Jeanne and Christo are so I think it wasn't just about their art it was also about them and their story and their way of life. This was not what I was expecting for the title Dressing Up the Outdoors but it was a good learning experience. Yours sincerely, Lorin Symons

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